WaySeven Technologies is proud to be a part of the Bit Alliance – the Bosnian IT Alliance, with over 40 member-companies all over the country.

Headed by innovation and a drive to change, Bit Alliance is exactly the sort of IT organization we need at this time. We were happy to join, and even more happy to RSVP yes to today’s conference, held in the parliament in Sarajevo.

Through plans of local development, we were guided through the strategies and initiatives that will, one day, be the cornerstone of the country’s IT industry. From elective studies to immersive internships, there wasn’t a single idea that was too ambitious for this crowd.

The potential for IT brilliance is amazingly vast. Our own city of Banja Luka has always been an engineering haven, with future trends leaning towards an increase. We hope we will be a valuable member, and a strong link in the chain that leads right up to the top.

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Author Maja Jovicic

Maja Jovicic
PR @ WaySeven Technologies
on May 10, 2018