A career is a journey, and it should be both fun and satisfying.

WaySeven has always valued our employees. We’re aware that every last team member is an important part of the company, no matter how little or how much they currently contribute to their active projects. After all, it’s not just the immediate results that matter – there’s also the matter of the untapped potential that may be just under the surface.

In 2018, when the company was still finding its feet in the waters of efficient HR practices, we organized a summer internship program. We added 6 interns to our existing team of 12 people, with the intention of hiring part-time talent and giving them a quick introduction to work at an IT company.

4 years later, and one of those interns is still with the company.

Marina Lukanović (formerly Radišković) started her professional journey at WaySeven in the summer of 2018. She was, at that time, still a student, with very little practical experience.

“WaySeven was the first company that I have ever worked for – I remember that I was interested in it the first time I saw the company profile during our career days at university. Unfortunately, I missed the presentation itself and wound up interviewing at a larger IT company, but it just didn’t seem like the right fit,” says Marina.

She joined the team in June 2018, and it only took a few weeks for her to realize she was ready to dedicate herself to the internship – even if it meant missing an opportunity somewhere else.

“I just wanted to get a chance to prove myself. My practical experience was nonexistent – and I figured that a team as open to helping out with newbs as the guys at WaySeven would be perfect for me. Looks like I was right!”

Marina wasn’t just given a tech training during her official 3-month internship: although her tech mentors worked with her a lot to turn her theoretical knowledge into practical skills, she also had the opportunity to work of her soft skills, her understanding of time management and her insight into Agile working practices.

“I wasn’t expecting to stay longer than the internship, especially since it was my first experience. I may have been a bit annoying, actually – going around questioning everyone about anything, trying to learn as much as physically possible...”

Fortunately, Marina turned out to be an ideal team player. Years down the line, she still feels like the team is a group of friends, rather than colleagues.

“When needed, I’ll take on the team-lead position – although my real passion is databases! I love a challenge and I am your go-to person for anything SQL related.”

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Razor-sharp focus like this is a mighty weapon in the right hands.

From the beginning of the pandemic, Marina joined most of our workers in being a primarily home-based worker. Her commute is pretty long, but she’s still eager to visit the office and see her team whenever possible.

“I miss hanging out! It’s just amazing to have a chance to at least meet up for a coffee, at least once or twice per month.”

In her spare time, Marina actually does a lot of work with animals. She has a horse, a couple of dogs and around ten rescue cats she takes care of and tries to find permanent homes for. The animals are at her country home, about 15 minutes' drive away – and her day starts by going there to take care of them.

Marina animals collage

With coworkers like these at home, the office can wait.

“Once I get back home, my day is all about work. We have our tasks, our daily meetings... It’s important I feel productive, and that I get enough down-time and sleep to have the energy to do that.”

Hybrid work suits Marina’s lifestyle, but she wouldn’t want to go fully remote.

“I need the socializing! It’s not the same when you just see people online and do things remotely – but I’m not ready to give up remote completely, either. My animals are really important to me, and I love the flexibility that WaySeven gives me with the current system.”

She’s a fan of working at an SME – not just because of her initial experiences, but because of the way she’s progressed since.

“Nobody is going to put the necessary knowledge in your head – but it’s amazing when people are dedicated enough to their coworkers and employees to give deep answers, rather than just pointing them at a source and letting them handle it themselves.”

Marina is one of our 7 female employees currently at WaySeven Technologies – and she’s all for adding to the team in the future.

“This company has provided me with a safe place to grow and develop my career and skills, and I strongly encourage both beginners and more experienced devs to give it a try! A company small enough to give you the attention you need to flourish and large enough to challenge your current skills might be exactly what you need.”

In conclusion, Marina has one final message:

“Don’t give up! The road to a quality IT career can be hard, but it’s worth it.”

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Author Maja Jovicic

Maja Jovicic
PR @ WaySeven Technologies
on March 8, 2022