Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

These are the words that seem to be at the core of the message given to us doing our talk with Dubravka Mićić, our newest addition in the QA team. A mother of two amazing toddler girls, she has just gotten her masters in economy while beginning her journey into the practical world of manual testing.

If you ask her specifically, Dubravka will be able to pinpoint the exact moment she realized why a tech job in a hybrid company got her attention after her years of experience in a completely unrelated field – and that was the moment when her role as a mother became an obstacle rather than a benefit.

These days, you could never imagine her dedicating 24 hours per day to two babies. In fact, she’s one of the most energetic people around, and she uses her ability to multitask as only an experienced organizer can.

“I couldn’t find work as an economist – and I so I decided to give the QA course organized by WaySeven a try. I loved the knowledge I got there, but I knew I needed a lot of practical experience to reach the level I was comfortable with.”

Dubravka isn’t afraid of hard work – she actually finished her internship and came back for more.

“I needed to have a remote work option. The kids can’t always go to kindergarten, and every virus or bacteria is generally a cycle of sickness between the kids, me and my husband. Basically, when one gets sick, all will get sick eventually!”

Although plenty of companies officially offer a remote work option, most have limitations that you don’t find out until you actually get the offer. Dubravka actually turned down another opportunity as the company turned out to only offer remote “only in extreme circumstances”, which was far less than she expected.

With the necessary knowledge and experience in more administrative and managerial roles, Dubravka is still planning on focusing the rest of her career journey on the more tech-related work of a QA.

“I like the details; I like finding mistakes and issues. My next step, after I get a firm handle on the manual side of things, is to really get into QA automation. My colleagues agree I have a talent for picking the critical points in every app, so I feel confident in this choice.”

Back before her first official steps into the official world of QA, she worked in a drop-shipping company, and then spent some time working administrative jobs before and after her entry into motherhood.

“The one thing I really didn’t like was HAVING to be at work during work hours. If you’re done with your tasks for the day or the week, why should you be forced to hang around and waste your time? It never made sense to me, and that’s even before I understood the idea of remote or hybrid work. It’s just so freeing to be able to focus on what you’re doing, not where you’re doing it from.”

Dubravka concentrated

The only thing better than looking for bugs is finding ways to destroy them.

Although many parents struggle with juggling working from home and having the kids invade their professional space, Dubravka and her husband have handled the task like champs.

“We’ve managed to train the kids to be quiet and respect mommy and daddy’s quiet time – during meetings, when we need to focus and double down... Luckily, we have the luxury of tag-teaming, since we both work for the same company and have the same level of flexibility.”

Dubravka family collage

Mastering the art of support - at home or in the office

Dubravka husband was actually the first person to experience her QA prowess. He asked for her input when it came to the apps he was developing, and that’s where she got the idea of trying her hand in the field.

“We are married, living together, working together and sharing an office at work. We joke sometimes that we’re a 24/7 team!”

The team Dubravka’s working with isn’t big, but the project is complex enough to keep her learning every day. Still, she’s always happy to come visit the office and see her colleagues.

“I work better from the office sometimes – it's more quiet, less distracting, and it gives me direct contact to the people I’m learning from. I feel lucky to have this position; the team is friendly, I can organize my time as best fits my family, and I even managed to get my masters’ a few weeks ago. How many people can say that?”

Sometimes, it may seem that parenting is the ultimate sacrifice. Still, with the right company and the right support (like a great husband and dad), anything can be done.

“Organization is key. We don’t have family living close by, so our everyday life is about juggling our own time and duties and shuffling priorities so we can be the best parents, colleagues and friends. It can be hard, it can even be overwhelming – but if you’re focused and willing, it’s also going to be possible.”

Dubravka may be just taking her first steps, but she seems to be about to spring down the track to success. Honestly, it’s a privilege to bear witness to it!

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Author Maja Jovicic

Maja Jovicic
PR @ WaySeven Technologies
on March 28, 2022