When choosing a company, choose one that supports your goals.

This was one of the key points Dragana Savanović stood by when applying for a job at WaySeven Technologies, almost 3 years ago. She had gotten a recommendation from a friend from university – and she was interested in taking up a role in a company that seemed to be a little less rigid than the ones she had worked at previously.

Dragana actually decided on a life in software development at a very young age – even though it wasn’t a popular choice for girls at the time. When it came to other potential careers, they were barely a blip on her radar.

“I’ve always known this is a path that I wanted to take. It’s been a dream since I was a kid – and it seemed to be worth overcoming any issues.”

Her days at university were spent focused on schoolwork – unlike many fellow students, she preferred to focus on theoretical achievements during her time at school.

“I did manage to fit in a few internships. Some of our subjects in the curriculum were more practice-oriented, so they pushed me to actually go and prove my abilities in real companies. However, I didn’t want to accept any more demanding job offers – I wanted to have my diploma firmly in hand before moving on. Besides, most of my experience then had been in large companies with a more hierarchical structure.”

Web programming was a decision that presented itself from the get-go, but the choice of frontend was made for her.

“I was planning on going for a fullstack career, but then I found out about the job opportunity at WaySeven. At the time, I had almost no experience as an Angular developer, but I still wanted to throw my hat in the ring.”

Dragana at work

It's not about how much you know - it's what ou do with that knowledge that matters.

To her surprise, Dragana actually ended up scoring better than the other job candidates in her tech task. In fact, this victory actually placed her in the ideal position to expand her existing knowledge in a brand new setting.

During her intial interview at the company, Dragana was candid about her lack of experience. Still, her cultural fit was great, so she was included in the pool of candidates entering the second phase.

“I remember saying I wasn’t experienced. I think my only knowledge of the technologies I had applied for was in bits and pieces necessary to complete some of my school projects, so imagine my shock when, during the onboarding, my mentor said I had scored so high.”

Dragana actually learned most of the things she used in her task as she was doing it. Obviously, her talents were a fit, and she started working just a week later.

“I have no regrets about going into Angular! It’s a great choice, and I like to see things through until the end. The popularity is well-deserved, and I’ve got the projects that support my further improvement.”

Dragana never gave up on the idea of fullstack, so she’s happy to be a part-time member of a project where she’s now learning .NET.

“I am on my third project in the company so far. My role is still mostly frontend, but my backend colleagues are pushing me to learn new things, and I really appreciate that.”

Dragana collage

A good work-life balance should always be your goal!

One of the keywords of Dragana’s life seems to be endurance: she’s got the laser-sharp concentration that pushes her to achieve milestones in a way that obviously works.

“I wanted to study IT, so I did. I wanted to finish school before getting a job, so I did that too. It may not always be easy – work is a bit more flexible, so I’m doing my best to create a plan that fits my current interests and makes me feel like I am moving forward.”

Hybrid work is a mixed bag for Dragana – she took the initial pandemic shutdown hard, and is a big fan of regular office visits.

“There are times when I just want to be home, don’t get me wrong – but I love my team, and I love to be surrounded by people. I also like starting and finishing early, so I’m usually the first one in, which means I still have the afternoons free to do whatever.”

At the end of the day, Dragana is the kind of teammate that will always lend a helping hand and jump in.

“This company has been the wind beneath my wings, and it’s inspired me to do my best to help others when I get the chance. If you can dream it, you can achieve it – so my advice would be to get dreaming!”

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Author Maja Jovicic

Maja Jovicic
PR @ WaySeven Technologies
on May 3, 2022