Is time management the most valuable skill for a software developer?

Maybe not, but it can mean the world if you’re doing it right!

One of our more experienced female developers is Milena Mitrović, a true example of how pure, undiluted concentration can help you inspire your friends, family and colleagues alike.

Milena came to WaySeven in late 2018, and she didn’t come by accident. Previously, her experience was based on working in a large IT company, so she had a bit of a cultural shock coming.

“It was a big difference – but I loved how refreshing it felt. Working in a smaller team is surprisingly freeing; from day one, I felt the trust and confidence to do what I need to do.”

During her first year at the company, Milena progressed rapidly. She was found to be a reliable, reasonable colleague that didn’t run from responsibility and always had solid arguments ready, so her team was just as happy with her as she was with them.

“I can choose how to organize my tasks. That means so much, and it always has. Yes, there is a lot of synchronization involved, but I am an equal among equals and it shows. When we meet to plan, everybody’s input has value.”

Milena collage

The many faces of #WomenInTech

When she first started working at WaySeven, there was a distinct quality that Milena was recognized for: her iron will. She could fully focus her attention on the task at hand, which tends to look almost supernatural in an open-plan office. However, she doesn’t feel like that was such a big deal:

“You should have seen me when I was pregnant”, she says. “I couldn’t do much of anything else, so I felt like I was made out of concentration.”

Milena started working primarily remotely from the beginning of the pandemic, which was when she found out she was going to be a mother. Since then, she has taken a year off to spend time with her wonderful baby boy, and has recently returned to full-time work.

“I don’t feel like this year has in any way stopped my progress. I do have a different life now, with some different priorities, but I’m also happy to have a supportive community of friends and colleagues.”

Like many of our employees, Milena enjoys visiting the office to socialize and check in.

“It’s definitely necessary to come to work on an occasional basis. Being there makes me fully immerse in my professional persona, which just isn’t 100% possible if you have a baby in the next room. On the other hand, I do feel more comfortable when I’m home – I get to take breaks with my baby and be on hand when he needs me.”

Motherhood is filled with wonderful milestones, but it’s also a job of its own. Juggling her duties as a mother and developer have made Milena work hard to create a schedule that works, and it seems to be working.

An alumni of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Milena is a woman that isn’t afraid of numbers. Perhaps this is why she shows a natural aptitude for crypto, which is one of her side interests. At the moment, she is using her powers for good in her role as a developer on one of our insurtech projects.

Milena at work

One screen is not enough for all the work being done!

“I’ve been working on insurtech and fintech since day one, and it still has many valuable lessons for me. We also used to take turns as team leaders and scrum masters, which really let us understand the team dynamics, individual roles and work styles.”

The start of the pandemic coincided with her pregnancy, so Milena was happy to work from home as much as she could. Still, she missed the company.

“I really prefer a more flexible hybrid model. Full-on remote work is great when you need it, but coming to the office occasionally makes me feel much more connected. I generally drop by once a week, sometimes more often. It’s a pretty long commute, which is also a factor.”

Staying connected online is a lifeline for remote work, and Milena understands this completely.

“I appreciate being able to meet and talk to people even when I’m physically far away – but I would never be able to permanently stay away from my colleagues. It’s just not the same.”

While her work abilities inspire awe in most of us regular mortals that struggle to avoid procrastination, it’s Milena’s natural abilities to help and teach that make her a beloved team member.

“We all take turns teaching each other, and I’m very happy to be on both sides of the process.”

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Author Maja Jovicic

Maja Jovicic
PR @ WaySeven Technologies
on June 1, 2022