We encounter it every day. On our computers, our phones, ATMs, secret society meetings, club entrances, ex-boyfriend’s wedding… Security is just about all around, providing us with the protection we need to go about our day feeling safe. In theory.

The truth is, nothing is watertight. All it takes is a small crack, a badly positioned camera or a friendly usher and boom! You’re in a club you have no business being in, your identity has been stolen by a Walmart clerk, and your ex is screaming at you to stop rolling around in his wedding cake.

Since all your protection is such a small step away from being useless, it’s understandable that that step can be made by somebody who is in it with a purpose. Remember the rumours about the 2000 presidential election count? A hacking conference in Las Vegas took less than 2 hours to hack the voting booths. And those were testing the latest and greatest security measures available!

Feeling safe? Just you wait.

More than a decade ago, a man named Bill Burr came up with a guide for creating secure passwords. You know the drill: you must use letters, capital letters, symbols, numbers, but not that number...

The latest news: Bill Burr admitted these rules are basically useless. He apologized, but not enough to remove the shame of having about 4 email addresses I can no longer access because I kept forgetting the password. Somewhere in the depth of their archives is a vital piece of information that could change my life, possibly.

To get back to the point, a complicated password is harder to guess – but also harder to remember. So many post-its with secret information floating around, no wonder the security is compromised.

Source: https://xkcd.com/936/

The business giants are under attack. During the latest season of Game of Thrones, HBO got leaked not once, but twice, and from 2 countries on 2 continents. Call it a mistake or a glitch if you like, but shouldn’t there be people working on preventing this? Especially since internet piracy is considered to be a plague of the modern world.

It’s not just HBO and the presidential elections. Microsoft, Apple, IBM, HP… Have a look at any newsfeed that contains updates on these companies, and you will see a myriad of articles with “leaked” or “hacked” in them.

Still, you would think you are too small a fish to be targeted for an attack. You could not be more wrong.

Any security breach in the organizations that provide our digital needs with solutions compromises us all. The most they can get from me is an embarrassingly vast collection of Harry Potter fan fiction and Irish folk music, but there are those who keep things much more serious than nudes on their accounts. Just take a moment to think of the impact Hilary Clinton’s personal emails had. Fortunately, they contained no spoilers.

Still, security solutions are getting improved and updated almost by the minute. No need to give up on technology just yet – but do make sure you use protection. The way things are going, it won’t be long before lack of security will be a fineable offense.

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Author Maja Jovicic

Maja Jovicic
PR @ WaySeven Technologies
on August 16, 2020