What’s the best way to spend a Friday evening, after a long week of work? A blockchain lecture, obviously.

Let`s first say that it was not an ordinary end of the working week for the WaySeven team. Intensive blockchain discussion, new information and pizza - usually, only one or two of those things actually feature into our evening plans.

The lecturers covered various topics regarding blockchain technology and nodes, Proof of sake and Proof of work , types of blockchain, differences between the types, Asymmetric cryptography, Ripple, blockchain based platform Ethereum, concept it was based on, Smart contracts, web3.js API and surrounding technologies, Stellar with its architecture and Lumens, as well as the ongoing topic blockchain as DB and the advantages of mining.

Like we said, perfect for a Friday evening.

Our team was well equipped with technical knowledge and tons of questions for the lecturers after the crash-lectures. The networking was accompanied with the best conversation ice-breaker, pizza and beer, that prolonged the conversation about blockchain hours after the event was finished.

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Author Nikolina Ceko

Nikolina Ceko
Scrum Master @ WaySeven Technologies
on November 14, 2018