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JivaYou UI

Project Summary

Services Provided

Software development, Software architecture, Software QA, Mobile apps, Design and UX services, Project management, Agile project coaching, QA, DevOPS


Health and psychology, Human resources, Education

Tech Used

MS SQL 2016, .NET Framework 4, ASP.NET MVC 4 Entity Framework 6, JavaScript, Vue.js

Client location

Gentofte, Denmark

About Client

JivaYou is a Danish company that has developed a unique, academically-backed system that provides accessible, understandable, and yet highly sophisticated development tools that are personalized for every customer.

Their mission is to inspire their clients to become the best version of themselves, and they do this by creating development roadmaps for each user. The Jivaou team has gathered some of the best Danish researchers and experts in the fields of human psychology and personal development to help them with this mission.


JivaYou had a well-researched system supported by academic knowledge, but it lacked a simple and intuitive web application that could present clients with results on their development roadmap. Furthermore, their system did not include any features for personal coaches to use the product.

JivaYou spent a significant amount of time and money working with freelancers, who weren’t dedicated to the project, with unsatisfactory results. The initial web app had poor-quality code with no potential to scale up for new features and a larger user base. Since we were not the original creators of the code, we needed time to understand it in order to improve it.


Because JivaYou was already in full swing with the existing code, improvements would have to be made to the system in place rather than starting from scratch. We approached this project in a customized way, by first analyzing the existing code, then creating a detailed plan for corrections, adding features targeted to coaches, and other new software upgrades over the next 3 months.

Within five weeks of starting the project, we delivered:

  • A completely upgraded web application with clean and fast code
  • New features including interface for coaches, a matching feature, and a more results-oriented development roadmap.
  • Migration scripts.
  • Software documentation.
  • A configuration and deployment manual.

We continue to provide software maintenance services to JivaYou, and we are ready for future scaling up of the user base and features.

Client testimonial

We are working with WaySeven on a web application based on energy psychology. Working with WaySeven has been fantastic. They always meet us on our timeline. I could not imagine a better partner to work with on our web app.

Jesper Samadahi Bundgaard
Cofounder of JivaYou