With WaySeven Technologies, you can rest assured that your IT processes and talent management are completely covered, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Dedicated Team
Your in-house team Freelancers
Start project 0-5 days 2-5 months 1-3 months
Scaling your IT team Fast, without unnecessary costs Dependent on recruitment (slow) with harsh competition from other companies (expensive), followed by time-consuming on-boarding and training. Very slow. Can be costly due to freelancer not being dedicated to your project for a significant time period.
Process and infrastructure set-up 3-10 days 1-2 months 2-3 months
Tech Expertise Already there, just utilize it! Must be developed over time, and it can take years to build it internally. The freelancer isn’t dedicated to you, so there is no time to build expertise with your company.
Guaranteed quality
Total costs Very cost-effective. All expertise and tools in a single team High cost that is dependent on location, including salaries, benefits, and employment taxes. All tools and expertise must already be internal, or hired externally anyway. May seem cost-effective at first, but project failures and increased maintenance add up quickly.
Administrative work (vacations and leaves, salaries, taxes..) None You need at least one Human Resources or administrative staff member internally. Minimal
Failure rate Very Low Low High

Your WaySeven dedicated IT team offers:

WaySeven Dedicated team
  • Instant Tech Expertise

    Instant access to highly qualified resources with required technical and domain knowledge from certified developers, QA engineers, and project managers.

  • Save money and time

    Avoided resource expenditures: no need to worry about recruitment of IT staff, IT employee salaries, benefits, and leave (fringe costs), or additional employee and facilities overhead.

  • Unparalleled team scalability

    Our unique talent acquisition plan allows us to quickly scale up your team, whether you need a few engineers or hundreds of IT staff members.

  • Transparency and visibility

    100% project transparency and visibility that allows you to keep updated on the progress of your projects while you concentrate on your business.

  • Software stability

    Ongoing software maintenance and improvement that ensures continuing stability.

  • Avoid missed opportunities

    IT issues shouldn’t keep you from scoring market opportunities. Your dedicated team is here to get you to the market quickly, while saving you time and money in the process.

We can hire, organize, and manage an IT team of any size quickly – from just a few engineers up to 300+ team members – to meet your requirements. Let’s discuss how our unique talent acquisition plan can fulfill all your IT needs.