Understanding your users

Regardless of whether your software will be used by 100 or 100,000,000 users, it’s important to understand them and their needs as much as possible. We think about their pains, frustrations, preferences, and dreams by using feedback sessions, surveys, competitive landscape analyses, and other analytics about how users have historically engaged with your software and how to make that experience better.

Deliverable: Documented insights from your users and priorities for features and software solutions.
WaySeven - Page conversion A/B Testing
WaySeven - UI Flow


Wireframes are a representation of all the screens of your software so you can see how the functionality will work and catch any oversights before moving into development. Wireframes ensure we’re on the same page, and our team of perfectionists consider even the tiniest details, from margins and spacing to font sizes and proportions.

Deliverable: A file with all software sketched screens and user flow.

Brand identity

Every software has a unique combination of color scheme, typography, and iconography. Through this unique collaborative process we create a brand identity that your users will understand, relate with, and identify with your existing brand.

Deliverable: A brand book that serves as the visual language of your website, specifying guidelines for all elements: typography, colors, images, and interaction patterns across devices and experiences.
WaySeven - Dedicated Brand book
WaySeven - Visual design

Visual Design

We’ve found that detailing each feature in sketches and user flows is critical before creating a visual design. When we do move into design, our team draws on the foundations that have been put in place in order to ensure software that is not only beautiful, but highly functional across a variety of different devices.

Deliverable: Web and mobile app designs that are both intuitive and exciting for your users.