You’ll find value in technology consulting for each stage of your business and IT development.

  • IT Infrastructure Audit

    If your IT system is not up-to-date, relevant, and effective, you are wasting resources and losing out on opportunities because of it. Let us review your system and help you improve it.

  • Feasibility Analysis

    We can assess the technical feasibility of your IT plans and provide an independent analysis of the associated technical and business risks.

  • IT Strategy Consulting

    In our experience, having a detailed IT strategy early can save 70% of costs over the course of a project’s development, deployment, and software updates. We are experts at developing well-defined and functional roadmaps for any type of IT project.

  • Application Security Consulting

    We can advise you on the potential security issues with your IT systems and software, long before you become a target.

  • Choosing Your Technology/Framework

    Not all technologies are created equal, nor are they the right fit for everyone. We take a personal approach to helping you choose a platform, hardware, and other solutions based on your business goals, technical requirements, and budget.

  • Software Scaling and Maintenance

    If you already have functional software in the marketplace, but want to improve it and release a new version, we can help you in upgrading your software across multiple technical specifications and ensure a clean release.

  • Design and UX Consulting

    One of key reasons for AirBnB’s rapid success is their flawless and extremely functional design. That is one of reasons we are firm believers that simple and intuitive design is crucial for a success of your software. Regardless of whether you are just starting up or want to improve your existing design, we are here to turn it to a product users will simply love using.

  • Business Process Analysis and Formalization

    We carefully listen to our clients so that we understand not only the technical issues they are facing, but also the business context. That allows us to help you choose and polish your priority features and business processes.