We offer comprehensive software development services:

  • Web Development

    We develop new projects, we work with old software, and we work in all industries and with all business stages. We are committed to practical web solutions, beautiful and simple designs, clean code, and good architecture.

    Our team is skilled in: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Ruby, Python, .NET, Ruby on Rails, and others...

  • iOS Mobile Apps

    The WaySeven iMasterpiece builds iOS apps that speak for themselves: they have the right functionalities and users are addicted to using them.

    Our team is skilled in: Swift, C, and Objective-C.

  • Android Mobile Apps

    Android is the world’s largest and fastest growing web platform, and your business should be in the game with a highly engaging and functional Android app.

    Our team is skilled in: Java, Ruboto, and Xamarin.


  • Scrum Agile Approach

    Forget about the old-fashioned way of giving a list of features to a bunch of developers and waiting for them to build your software. That method doesn’t work with loosely defined or constantly changing requirements. Instead, we break each project into shorter, boxed development cycles (called sprints). Each sprint results in potentially shippable functionality and new insights for priorities in the following development cycles. As we work on your software, you will receive more insights about priority features and user flow than you would by just planning it on paper.

  • Clean code

    We’ve all heard horror stories about low quality software code that can’t be scaled or can’t be modified by anyone other than the original developer. During our process, we constantly review the code and apply quality assurance procedures to avoid those issues.

  • User centric software

    Software with high quality code is useless unless its users love it and it keeps them engaged. That’s why we are always thinking about users and their needs. We incorporate our extensive experience in user behavior analysis and human interaction into every project.

  • Transparency

    One of the reasons we have so many productive relationships with clients globally is our dedication to meeting deadlines and keeping our clients updated and involved in a feedback process. When possible, we like to meet our clients in person so we can develop a very strong, professional relationship.

When can we help you?

WaySeven Prototyping
  • From Scratch

    Do you have an idea to deliver to the marketplace, or make your processes more effective? We are happy to help you with the entire process of planning and prototyping, defining the product map and budget, through to software development and launch.

  • In-house Team Expansion

    You have already defined your development process and established a software team, but want to extend or optimize your development capabilities. Together, we can analyze your needs and identify where your capabilities need to be strengthened, and we can supplement your team with IT talent and resources.

  • Project Rescue

    If you are stuck with partially completed software, we are here to help. We will analyze what you have, assess what needs to be completed, and provide you with a realistic plan to finish your product.

  • Independent QA & Testing

    Have you already developed software, but you want to verify its quality before you launch it? We provide full cycle QA services, or individual tests, and provide you with an independent report on your software quality and the improvements that should be made before you put it in the hands of your users.